Julie : Dressage rider

When I first met Tabatha, I was ready to give up on riding and was contemplating selling my beautiful horse Arlo that I worked so hard to buy and love so much. My fear had become so consuming that the love of horses that I’ve always had was swallowed up by feelings of dread. Since working with her, I’ve regained my confidence and passion for horses. I’ve developed tools to make me a more effective and confident rider. Tabatha has also taught my horse to me more responsive to my aids, thus making him safer, saner and more confident in himself. It’s been a pleasure to watch Arlo’s personality blossom as she encourages him to learn through his natural curiosity and playfulness. Patient and kind, Tabatha gently pushes me just past my comfort zone so that we keep moving forward. She has the same approach with horses: patient and kind, yet always encouraging the horse for a little more each day. I now feel confident with my horse both in the ring and out on the trails and most importantly I’m truly enjoying myself again.

Chelsea: Western Rider

Before my horse Kip and I met Tabatha, I can honestly say i was stuck in a rut, contemplating selling him or not. I was constantly fighting with him unless we did what he wanted. One day we contacted Tabatha asking for help and explained the situation. Tabatha is not a typical trainer who teaches a certain discipline, instead she focuses on the relationship between the horse and rider, which is what we desperately needed. With her help my relationship with my horse went from mediocre to excellent within a few short months. She has shown me how to read my horse properly and understand how and why he thinks in a certain way, allowing for constant success in anything that we choose. She has also taught me to appreciate Kip in every way and realize he isn't the type of horse that will excel in everything but to notice the vast amount of try he now gives me. I finally have the tools to get my horse and I through any situation we come across, if it’s dangerous or just goofy. I no longer have to fight with my horse, I no longer get frustrated like i used to, i get to enjoy every moment with him. Kip has always been challenging and may always be but with the help from Tabatha’s Kip has become irreplaceable and i couldn't imagine my life without him, he is my pride and joy. Tabatha is one of the most talented horsemanship trainers I have met, horses are not her job but her passion and I know I can trust her with Kips life.

Folks, she is AWSOME with horses; she is so very sensitive to what a horse is feeling or thinking. She is a dressage rider and has the inborn talent of knowing when and how to get the best from each individual horse. How blessed I am to have found her. If I wrote enough praise about Tabatha to sink a fleet of passenger ships, it would still fail miserably to do her justice.

On Aug. 11 I rode my gorgeous Beauty without just backing/sitting on him. As he is just a green bean, I walked him around, did turns, halts and back ups. 

Those who have the privilege of having their own horse knows what a delight it is to tack up their horse and ride. I guess I am bouncing off the walls because I adopted Beauty in 2008. I have gladly supported him this long with no riding. He was injured at the race track. I saved to spent big bucks on rehab work. Then there were false starts with folks who said they would train my horse and did not. (Note: to self: get it in writing!)

Jane: Horse in for training

It has taken this long to turn Beauty's reins over to Tabatha. I love it when I make a good decision for my horse. My trust in Tabatha was well placed. For potential clients, she welcomes you to view her working with your horse at any time. There is NO TIME when you cannot come and observe your horse getting trained.

To memorialize this momentous tick on my bucket list, I took some pictures of every horse lovers' favourite view, the one between his ears. Oh and check out his caboose. Beauty is all muscular and lustrous now...and that is after just four weeks with Tabatha.


Love it.