We are excited to bring more learning to our horse crazy friends.  

Welcome to our education center Located on Vancouver Island in Qualicum Beach

Where Learning and Horsemanship takes on a whole new level

We wish to welcome you to our new education center where we can customize your visit to your needs. This has been a year in the making and we are happy to finally be able to share it with you. We have created a unique facility that will optimize your horsemanship experience. Spend 1-5 days taking your horsemanship to the next level.


Cover topics such as

-Positive Reinforcement


-Creating Partnerships

-Young horse education


-Finding the try


-Confidence building

-Mountain Trail

-Fluency in the saddle

Cost per day


The day starts at 10:00 and runs to 2:30 with a 1 hr lunch break


Cost is 150$ per day. 225$ per day with obstacles.


Want to add a friend 200$ per day for 2 people. 300$ per day with obstacles.


Stabling is 25$ per night per horse

You have your own camper or living quarters then you stay for free